Dental Treatment
in a spa atmosphere
by Dr. Tim Runco


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Dental Treatment in a spa atmosphere
by Dr. Tim Runco


Dental care without the scare

E-Max Ceramic Crowns in Pittsburgh, PA

Do your teeth make you feel self-conscious? We have the tools to transform your smile with crowns in Pittsburgh, PA. At Pittsburgh Dental Spa, we aim to help every client find a new level of confidence with impressive and cost-effective cosmetic dental procedures.

What Are Ceramic Crowns?

When it comes to cosmetic dental work, many new clients express the same fear: they worry people will notice their teeth aren’t real. We resolve this concern with all-ceramic crowns at our office in Pittsburgh, PA. Our special, E-max crowns come with an array of benefits, including:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Translucence

Many clients prefer E-max crowns because of the crowns' longevity and aesthetic qualities. They look genuine and won’t make you feel self-conscious about your cosmetically altered smile.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience, our team at Pittsburgh Dental Spa center their work on customer service. 

Led by Dr. Tim Runco, we’ve created customized treatment plans to treat individual needs. We understand every client comes through the door wanting something different. We’ll work with you to determine your needs, discuss your options, and find the right solution.

Our team works to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Each dental chair doubles as a massage chair and comes with three different massage patterns, as well as two heating levels, to calm your nerves and make you feel at home.

We also have ceiling-mounted flat-screen TVs directly above every dental chair to keep you entertained during your entire dental visit. Watching television proves a helpful distraction and helps you pass the time comfortably.

If you want to leave smile insecurity behind and experience the benefits of a healthier, more beautiful smile, trust us to do the job with ceramic crowns in Pittsburgh, PA. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. Call 412-200-2614 today.

Before ceramic crowns in Pittsburgh, PAAfter ceramic crowns in Pittsburgh, PA

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